Tuesday , 30 June 2015

List of Android Phones with 2 GB RAM

List of Android Phones 2 GB RAM
Android Phones with 2GB RAM. Is 2GB RAM necessary to increase the performance of Android phones? List of Android phones with 1 GB RAM, 1.5 GB RAM and their performance compared to 2 GB RAM Android phones. Is 2GB RAM a too much ask for the present usage? Let’s find out.

At present lot of android mobiles are available with 512 MB, 1GB, 1.5 GB RAM. As a matter of fact 1GB is more than essential in any android phone for a normal user. 1 GB RAM has the capacity to run even 20-25 apps at a time without any issues with the performance provided CPU is also supportive. In todays market we are offered 1.5 GB RAM with almost every model released.

There are very few brands like Samsung and LG coming up with android phones with 2 GB RAM. Is this 2 GB RAM really needed for a normal user? Answer is not needed. But if you have to run 40 to 50 android apps either in the background or at a time then yes, it is needed. The performance will be little more smoother compared to 1.5 GB RAM. At the same time it is the CPU that should also be the latest one. Say something like quad core. Otherwise 2 GB RAM with an outdated CPU is like packing an old item with an attractive wrapper.

Theoretically 1 GB RAM itself is a lot. But in some phones like HTC One X I recently faced some issue with the crippled multi-tasking with 1 GB RAM.  So for these brands I prefer they should comeout with 2 GB RAM models. Otherwise for phones like Google Nexus 1 GB is a lot. Performance is ultimate. Moreover the Cyanogenmod version used in the phones should also be the latest.

There are also phones like Samsung Galaxy S1 with 512 MB RAM and still runs Android Icre Cream Sandwich without any performance issues. So the conclusion is RAM alone wont give killer difference in the performance.

For your interest here is the list of latest Android phones with 2 GB RAM:

  • Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100
  • Samsung Galaxy S III I9305
  • Samsung Galaxy S III T999
  • Samsung Galaxy S III 1535
  • Samsung Galaxy S III 1747
  • Xiaomi MI02
  • LG Optimus G E973
  • LG Nexus E 960
  • Pantech Vega R3 IM-A850L
  • LG Optimus LTE2
  • LG LS970 Eclipse 4G LTE

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  1. 2GB ram with 1.5GHz is the latest technology till today. But smartphone makers are getting ready for 2Ghz processor next year 2013.

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