Wednesday , 1 July 2015

How to Retain What’s Taught in Training?

Retaining back what you have learned plays an important and crucial role in learning. At least once in a day you have go-back through what you have learned in classroom training. So that you will be perfect in the subject as well as you have any queries in that you can clarify that with your tutor in upcoming classes. This makes you to get good score and results.


Retaining is a concept which is related to mind. Before entering into the class keep your mind peace and pleasant without any tension, this makes your mind to concentrate in learning. This helps you to retain the topics which are taught very easily and quickly.

There are so many techniques to retain what you have learned in classroom:

  • Prepare running notes in classroom while tutor is teaching.
  • Latest taught instead of running notes is recording the tutors voice while he/she is teaching, listen it carefully. So you are not going to miss even a single word which is taught in classroom.
  • Go through the study material and compare with the running notes, which you have prepared in class at the time of teaching.
  • Discuss with you friends about the topics which you have taught in class.
  • If you want to make a hard note of formulas or such things, just practice it within you while walking, playing, working, etc.
  • Wake up early morning and have a look to the topics which are discussed earlier.
  • Early morning study is good for scorning and learning, peace of mind and pin drop silence will increase and boost your mind.
  • Teach you friends what you have learned and practice it regularly.
  • Make a group discussion with your friends to regain all things which is taught in class, because one person is not capable of collecting all the things which are shared by tutor in class, so by discussing everyone will share their knowledge.
  • What you have learned is lost very frequently in mind, so make an audio of that and listen frequently to increase you memory power.
  • Make a fair note or mark the important topics in the subject which are to be learned and practice it regularly.
  • Assigns self-assignments, tests, queries related to the topics which you have learned today.
  • Follow the above step regularly by increasing according with the syllabus covered.
  • Review whole things weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.
  • Mind mapping is the latest technique to learn faster and quicker.
  • Review yourself and give self-score.
  • Now a days each and every institute supporting and implementing mind mapping techniques while learning
  • Mind mapping will have pictorial representation of the topics which are easily understandable to the students and mind also grasp that pictorial representation quickly.
  • Make each and every topic in pictorial representation by self and explain that to your mind.
  • Once the picture is hard noted in your mind, it can’t be forgotten easier.
  • At last but not least practice makes man perfect, so practice regularly, plan the learning time and subject properly and accurately.

Concentration in classroom is the best tool to retain all the things which are held.

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