Saturday , 4 July 2015

How To Prevent Webcam Hacking?

How To Prevent Webcam Hacking? Why My Webcam is Hacked? How to Stop Webcam Hacking? Tips to Protect My Webcam. All these we will discuss here in this special post of Webcam Hacking.

Webcam Hacking


What exactly is the fun with webcam hacking? What do the hackers get?

Webcam hacking is not known to many people. Generally endusers are aware of virus in their software or email hacking or credit card hacking or website hacking. But there is another hacking now a days which is becoming quite common along with other hacking and this is nothing but webcam hacking. Hackers (no matter it could be good intention or bad intention) hack your webcams for many reasons.

  • It could be fun for them to watch what others are doing
  • To observe other’s personal life
  • Peeping purpose
  • To watch the keystrokes if any credit card or email details are typed

How to Prevent Webcam Hacks-

Anti-virus and Firewall

Use updated antivirus software and firewall. Ensure that these software are activated and updated with the latest virus definitions. This is just a minor precaution but can not fully prevent someone from webcam hacking.

Stop the webcam after use

Many people forget to  stop the webcam after it is run. This can create so many problems with your personal life. Ensure that the LED light is not turned on. If you are not comfortable with stopping the auto-start of webcam then disable in Device Manager.

Do not give access to Strangers

Some internet users who are not aware of these hackings, they involve in chat with the strangers and give access to the webcams. But remember by doing this you put your personal life in danger. The other person may mis-use it and may even blackmail the user.

WEP and WPA key

If you use Wireless internet connection then do not leave your wireless access without having any security. Do ensure that your wireless is secured with 13 digit WEP key that can be easily configured in your wireless router.

Technology is developed so that it comforts our dependent activities and reduces communication barriers but it is equally misused now a days.

I wish you have taken all these steps to get rid of webcam hacking. Wish you all a happy browsing.


  1. I didn’t about this hacking type but as I read I got that if my cam is being watched by someone whom I didn’t authorize, is called webcam hacking. Right?

    Thanks Priiya for a nice post.

  2. What can be done on a laptop which has inbuilt webcam ?

    • Make sure it is disabled or stopped after it is run. Disable it in Device Manager. This is the easiest way. Just enable it only when needed.
      Device Manager shortcut – WIN+PAUSE/BREAK in keyboard.

  3. is it posibal to hack skype video calling..

  4. I was not knowing about this Hack, thanks for getting this to us Sometimes its seems like someone is hijacking it After that i just buyed Licensed Antivirus so no probs coming now.
    Impressive & nice post.

  5. Nice Article…. but i think it is better to understand Ethical hacking. It will be very useful in such situations :) :)

    • Thanks MOsam, Mohit and Harsh for dropping by. Ethical hacking is good in nature. If hacking is put for right use you can even paid heftily by big companies.

  6. hi priya
    thanks for the tips…nice article and its shows your knowledge

  7. Thanks Priya !! it was good to read about the Webcam Hackers..!!

  8. Hey everyone!

    Although your webcam “looks” like its off – someone could be watching/recording video of you right now. Webcam hackers can easily disable your webcam light leaving you completely unaware.

    Even after all the security software, the only 100% way to make sure your not being watched is to cover your webcam!

    Visit and get your trendy webcam cover today!

  9. if a hacker can see my Skype chat, how he will know the time I will start my Skype call ?
    he will wait for me 24/7 ?

    • I should say its a trial and error for the hacker… and luckily by the time he hacks and you are in the chat or related task then he may exploit the situation.

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