Wednesday , 1 July 2015

How Newbie Bloggers Spoiling Their Career?

How new bloggers misguided and attracted to the earnings of other bloggers? How they are wasting money on hangouts and other stuff without proper research? I’m going to bring awareness among newbies so that they should not spoil their valuable time and career  falling in this trap.


New bloggers are welcomed and can be the part of the bloggers family in terms of sharing their knowledge with the world. Along with passion everyone needs a livelihood and blogging is one of the good sources of earning the same. But how to earn money with blogging? This is where newbie bloggers getting confused and taking the wrong path. Yes absolutely wrong path. After reading this article you will come to know the biggest risk you are taking in your life and betting your valuable time.

There are two kinds of bloggers in terms of popularity, earning:

  • Established bloggers
  • New bloggers

Established bloggers almost settled with their blog in many aspects of blog safety, good source of earning and decent life style. They also focus on other money earning sources like Internet Marketing, offering services, etc.

There are some bloggers who share their earning reports in Facebook and also write articles in their blogs. I’m not saying those earning reports are genuine or not. But do not get carried away with those screenshots. Let’s assume they are genuine. Ofcourse they should be for all the hardwork they did since years. Here the problem starts.

As and when these earning reports are shared, people who are entirely new to blogging get attracted and determine to earn the same money as quick as possible. They are misguided (Yes you are misguided) to take wrong path to earn fast cash. Ofcourse you may earn fast money but this is not at all permanent and once this money earning stops then you will fall in depression in similar pace and waste your valuable time and career thinking in dark.

But, how newbies are misguided?

Job sites – SMS Blogs- Event based blogs

There was a trend of blogs that share information related to exam results, bank jobs, recruitment, admit cards. But there is nothing new in the content related to these topics. Between 2009-2011/12 people earned quite well but later competition started to grow and Google Adsense on such sites also faced bans. I came across not less than 30-40 bans in 2012 exclusively on such sites. This is not limited only to the job or results sites. It is also extended to sites sharing SMS, wishes on events such as New Year, Christmas and other festivals or Rose day, Valentines day, etc… These kind of blogs also facing huge adsense risk and Google penalties. Moreover if such blogs are hosted on Blogger then you never know when they get deleted by Google. Ofcourse these are use and throw blogs but a day comes where Google will stop completely de-indexing such blogs or restrict adsense in such niche then you will be put in dark.

When you are already earning money that you might have never seen earlier and suddenly if that revenue generation stops then your balance of mind gets disturbed heavily. Moreover there is no skill involved or any learning you did in that blogs. So after these blogs are dead then you do not have any skill to encash. Then you will start thinking “Why I did not learn any skill or a programming language which can be used to sell services that feed me forever?”

How new bloggers waste money through Paid hangouts?

Here are the examples how people attract you:

  • Learn SEO – Earn $2000 per month after this hangout – Fees $100
  • Learn Internet Marketing in 3 sessions and earn $1000 per week. Benefits- Live earning reports, Secret Facebook Group access, live blog example – Fees $300

I should start laughing at the people who subscribed to such jokers. If they know the secret do you think they will share it completely with you? NO WAY. There are many people who cheat new bloggers but main mistake lies with the new bloggers. Here I blame newbies more not the one who attract you.

There may be genuine hangouts but hardly one finds them. I do not mean to say every paid hangout is a waste of money. I’ve personally discussed with those who attended those paid hangouts and just no words to express their anger. They are unable to express it in public as they are afraid of those senior bloggers who gave such hangouts. These new bloggers shared with me that not even 1% of the hangout serves the exact purpose of earning money. No real blog example shown.

Come on new bloggers! Do you think you will get the secret of earning money by subscribing to those funny paid hangouts? NO WAY. If you get the secret then they will face immediate competition from you right 😛

Listen! No one will share the secret. Moreover there is no SECRET. If there is a success formula to make a movie big hit then everyone makes hit movies only. But why only 1 or 2 films are super hit out of thousands of films made every year? Means there is no success formula or a standard thumb rule to make every movie a super hit. Same with blogging. Now you got my point!

So do not waste your money and risk your Adsense in the greed of earning fast cash. All you got to is follow the steps below to be successful online:

  • Study other blogs
  • Learn SEO (this is not a big subject)
  • Observe how other blogs using keywords, meta, frequency of posting articles, etc

Do your own research and start your own blog. Let it be a fail but you gain more from it. You learn how to observe, research, study SEO, Google Algos and many other topics on your own. Moreover you will learn all the things that are useful to your blogging career and your valuable time will never be wasted.

So next time you will again start building such a blog that overcomes all the above limitations and create a rock solid money earning blog of your own.

If you are a newbie or if you already experienced such trap then do not get afraid to share your story in the comments! This helps newbies to take great care of not falling in such trap while choosing blogging as their career.


  1. Really an eye opener for newbies!!

  2. Hi,
    I’m too a Newbie and yes I agree that the newbie bloggers are spoiling their career and blogosphere too.
    They are fascinated towards shortcut way to earn more from event based blogging where we don’t need to have subject knowledge just copy paste and some SEO can make them few $$$. But If they pay their valuable time and some efforts towards a good blog they can get much more from that.

    • Yes Babul. This is what the new bloggers missing. They are keen to earn money but if they follow right path then their skills will feed them forever.

  3. You wrote a good article madhavi priya .. Really now a days newbies coming to blogging to earn more money in a short period . By seeing the earnings reports they loosing their jobs and coming to blogging. I have a request to all newbies please note that we all made these successes after a long time from the date of starting our blogs & after a hard work not in hours ok . So dont loose your valuable time by attracting with earnings reports . A good message given by you to all newbies. Thanks for writing this useful article. I appreciating madhavi priya sister for giving the facts in blogging field.

  4. Very nice post on a very nice topic! I see many guys are distracted when they see others earnings but they don’t see what huge earning bloggers did over the years to reach to this level. I have seen many guys are wasting money here in there to learn blogging, SEO. Blogging is all about self learning In my opinion. wasting money here is meaningless.

    In blogging, Self learners get success! My experience says this.

    • Well said Atish. There are so many things need to be learnt in blogging and it is not at all source for fast cash. Learn – Apply – Earn.

  5. Hi Priya,

    I agree with your points! many are running behind niche blogging and not concentrating on long-term! even though they can earn some good money, it’s not permanent!

    thanks for sharing!

    • You are right Adithya, newbies are getting carried away with the earnings of other bloggers and choosing wrong path that is useful for them only for very short-term and ignore long term perspective.

  6. Hi Madhavi !!!

    Glad to see such a great blog post for newbies. Its true some people are offering the hangouts and courses that claims to earn $$$ in a very short time. And the newbies by becoming fools, get int he trap of such fake promises.

    Many of newbies get attracted easily towards earning reports of other, and the sharer get its publicity. You have come with a very great write up on the topic.

    Don’t know about event based blogs, but yes they are just use and through and kinda spam blogs.

    I agree with Atish’s comment. blogging is not just earning the money only, but developing the skills also.


    • Thanks Ravi for your comment. Yes newbies should start learning their own and not fall in their trap and waste their valuable time and career.

  7. Blogging is NOT a field where you can make money over a fortnight. I believe all the newbies rushing into blogging are focusing only on the “money” part. Its high time to reconcile your motive. If you are only fond of money, specifically Quick money, then blogging is not your piece of cake :)

  8. Hey Priya
    I agree with you..Many of newbie Bloggers are earning money from adsense with their 1 or 2 week old blog.But they don’t concentrate their post quality..They publish some ordinary article and alltime busy to earn money with adsense which kills their knowledge to managing a perfect blog..

    Thanks for share this type of informative article for Newbie.

    • You are right Salim. Moreover their adsense will be on a huge risk. Some established bloggers attract them and guide them in a wrong way. They do not take care of educating them in the right manner. They just take money from these innocent people, attract to workshops, show some powerpoint slides and that’s it.

  9. Well said Priya, a good post for newbies :)

    I too believe that investing money in learning SEO and blogging is merely waste and one can be familiar by doing experiments and mistakes.

    I never attended any such hangouts, so I feel good now.

    The very basic thing is that a newbie blogger should start the blog in their fascinating niche and hence they can update and grow the blog effortlessly.

    BTW, thanks for sharing this awareness post for newbie bloggers Priya, keep sharing your thoughts :)

    • Thanks Nirmala for your comment. Yes this awareness article should be read by each and every new blogger who takes decisions without proper research.

  10. You have said it firmly. I wish it reaches all aspiring bloggers who intend to become problogger as soon as they launch a blog.

  11. I beg to differ with Nirmala. Investing in learning is never a waste. It applies to any field. You should not be tightfisted when it comes to buying productivity enhancing tools. It is not an expense but an investment. You have to buy technology at various points of your life. People are buying smart phones instead of basic phones to make use of technology. I have seen hundreds of postings in forums, mostly by Indians requesting free logos, free software, free premium themes etc. They can buy such things that can increase their productivity from freelancers’ marketplaces or learn to develop them on their own by purchasing ‘how to’ guides.

  12. Hi Priya
    Can you evaluate the success rate in Blogging? I thought, you have been in the same since couple of years. May I know, how much you are earning through Google Adsense?
    Any Idea about the earning of top bloggers like Amit Agarwal?

    This post can be helpful to avoid misinterpretations.

  13. ya,in my personal level,i came across to these type of situation but inever joined in shortcut trick to earn quickly coz noone will discover their $$$$ earning method in $$$ dollar.

  14. It’s not happens with every trainer. It depends upon the learner as well as trainer. But one thing every one should mind is no one is going to tell you the best tips that they’ve learned over the ears for just 100 or 300 dollars. All you have to do is experiments and some case studies yourselves.

  15. Listen! No one will share the secret i really definetly agree whit that
    i think theres much more valuable think in blogging beside money
    nice share bro

  16. First of all thanks for this informative post. This really helpful for newbie and they can learn a lot of things from this kind of post. The way you categorize and define bloggers is excellent… Thanks Again…

  17. Thank you i thought of attending a workshop by paying 200$ you saved my money

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